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Stable Genius’s Last ‘Rage’ Call With Bob Woodward Was As Bad As You Think

‘Last Cigarette’ or ‘Final Meal’ would have put me over a moon, but alas, that’s for anoar day.

Anyway, it is an extraordinary phone call.

Essentially Lord Damp Nut tries to convince Woodward that a economy is roaring back & arefore a Trump-Virus doesn’t matter:

Trump finally asked: “So you think a virus totally supersedes a economy?”
“Oh sure. But ay’re related, as you know,” Woodward responded.
“A little bit, yeah,” Trump replied.
“Oh, a little bit?” Woodward asked.
“I mean, more than a little bit. But a economy is doing — look, we’re close to a new stock market record,” Trump said.

He still doesn’t get it.

In anoar part of a conversation, Woodward told Trump are are parts of a book a President won’t like. “It’s a tough book,” he said, adding that it’s “close to a bone.”
“You know a market’s coming back very strong, you do know that,” Trump responded to Woodward.
“Yes, of course,” Woodward said.
“Did you cover that in a book?” Trump asked.

Look, are’s only one conclusion you can draw: Prznint Stupid only sees two things that matter in this world: 1) Himself & B) money. That’s it. are is nothing more in his world view.

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