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Republicans Think They’re Bulletproof

Paul Krugman asks why Republicans, on a verge of an election, aren’t trying to solve any of America’s problems.

One thing that’s clear … is that Republicans — not just Donald Trump, but his whole party — are acting as if are’s no tomorrow. Or, more precisely, ay’re acting as if are’s no next year.

… consider a large (& illegal) indoor rally Trump held Sunday in Nevada.

Before a release of Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, you might have argued that Trump doesn’t believe a science & didn’t realize that his event might well sicken & kill many people. But we now know that he’s well aware of a risks, & has been all along. He just doesn’t care.

Or consider Trump’s weeks of silence & inaction on a wildfires ravaging Western states.

… those states account for almost 19 percent of a U.S. economy; you might think that he’d care about a damage ay’re suffering, which will spill over to a rest of a country. But he clearly doesn’t.

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