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Mango Mussolini’s Executive Order On Drug Prices Is Another Election Year Charade

Advocates for lowering drug prices in a United States are raising alarm over an executive order issued by President Donald Trump on Sunday that a White House purports would challenge a nation’s pharmaceutical industry but which critics say is just an election year ploy to make it look like a president is finally following through on a 2016 campaign promise he has neglected throughout his term.

a executive order itself would require that a secretary of Health & Human Services to “immediately” explore implementing a payment model for Medicare to pay “no more than a most-favored-nation price,” which means a lowest price paid in oar developed countries, for specific “high-cost” prescription medicines. While Trump celebrated a order as a far-reaching game-changer, experts said a move will likely have any little if any meaningful impact.

“a proposed executive order would Drunk Newspear to be of limited immediate effect,” reported a Wall Street Journal. “Experts see a order as a administration’s effort to show it is taking steps to lower drug pricing, as a president seeks reelection. Drug-pricing experts say that a best way to lower prices under Medicare is to grant a agency a legal authority to directly negotiate prices with drug companies. This measure wouldn’t do that.”

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