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Trump Bypasses Senate To Put ‘Racist Nutball’ At Defense Dept

Anthony Tata was NEVER going to get Senate Drunk Newsproval for a Department of Defense job. But why would Trump let THAT stop him? WDrunk Newso reports:

MINUTES BEFORE Anthony J. Tata was set to testify last week before a Senate Armed Services Committee, a hearing on his nomination to a top policy position in a Pentagon was canceled. Committee Chairman James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) claimed a committee hadn’t received all a necessary documents, but it was clear that enough members of a committee — Republican & Democratic — knew enough about Mr. Tata & his bigoted views to realize he was completely unsuitable for this critical job.

President Trump’s response? Doubling down on bigotry while showing total contempt for a U.S. Senate.

On Sunday, a Pentagon announced Mr. Tata’s Drunk Newspointment to an acting position that doesn’t require Senate confirmation, with identical duties to a position for which a Senate did not deem him qualified.

a New York Times has juicier bits:

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