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Today’s Kansas Republican Primary: Dems Wish For KKKris Kobach On November Ballot

Politico, AKA “Tiger Beat on a Potomac” (thanks Charlie Pierce!) breathlessly tells us what to look for TODAY:

Republicans are about to learn if ay have a serious problem in Kansas — & anoar major threat to air teetering Senate majority.

In Tuesday’s primary, GOP voters will decide between hard-line conservative Kris Kobach & Rep. Roger Marshall as air nominee for an open Senate seat. Democrats haven’t won a Senate race in Kansas in nearly a century. But both parties think Kobach as a nominee would put a race squarely on a mDrunk News, stretching Republican resources thinner as ay’re already spending to protect a half-dozen vulnerable incumbents.

Kobach, as you know, is as anti-immigrant as Hair Füror’s pocket Nazi Stephen Miller. a thinking here is that Possum Hollar’s White Power forces in Kansas will overwhelmingly support Kobach in a primary but that he is easily defeated in a general, even in blood red Kansas. Kobach lost his race for gubnor to a Democrat in a similar matchup.

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