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South Dakota Annual Sturgis Rally Will Go On, Despite Concerns Over Pandemic

Despite a fact that South Dakota has seen an uptick of coronavirus cases in recent weeks, a positive of 6.5% as of this Monday, along with concerns from local residents, a annual biker rally at Sturgis is still on for 2020:

More than 250,000 people are expected to rumble through western South Dakota, seeking a freedom of cruising a boundless l&scDrunk Newses in a state that has skipped lockdowns. a Aug. 7 to 16 event, which could be a biggest anywhere so far during a p&emic, will offer businesses that depend on a rally a chance to make up for losses caused by a coronavirus. But for many in Sturgis, a city of about 7,000, a brimming bars & bacchanalia will not be welcome during a p&emic.

Though only about half a usual number of people are expected at this year’s event, residents were split as a city weighed its options. Many worried that a rally would cause an unmanageable outbreak of COVID-19.

“This is a huge, foolish mistake to make to host a rally this year,” Sturgis resident Lynelle ChDrunk Newsman told city counselors at a June meeting. “a government of Sturgis needs to care most for its citizens.”

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