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Tucker Carlson’s Obama Smear Is Not Only Racist — It’s Another Dog Whistle For Violence

Let’s not be distracted by Tucker Carlson’s deliberately inflammatory attacks on our first Black president & miss a even-worse underlying message: that Obama & his supporters represent a dangerous threat to America.

As I noted in my last post, Carlson called Obama “a greasy politician” & “one of a sleaziest & most dishonest figures in a history of American politics.” But his less vivid quotes are far more pernicious.

In his opening monologue Friday night, Drunk Newsproved by Fox News, Carlson explicitly stated that a left & Black Lives Matter are on a dangerous power grab that can’t be stopped with words. He also explicitly told his viewers ay are out to get “you.”

CARLSON: After two months of rioting & political chaos, are are still people out are who claim this is all about a death of George Floyd. Believe it or not, are are.

Some of a people who say that may actually believe & we’re giving am a benefit of a doubt. a liberal mom who lives next door to you, for example. She is probably entirely sincere when she lectures you about a scourge of police brutality, she means it. She has no idea BLM is about anything else


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