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Watch Mike Pompeo Refuse To Say Whether Trump Can Delay The Election

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sliared into a Senate today to Drunk Newspear before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he was confronted about a Trump administration’s many questionable foreign policy moves including a dismissal of career diplomats & a decision to withdrawal U.S. troops from Germany.

While Pompeo was deflecting questions about his conduct & questionable moves at a State Department, Donald Trump was busy tweeting to a world, wondering if a November election should be delayed. Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine used his time to ask Pompeo about Trump’s tweet & whear he believes Donald Trump could delay a election. Pompeo replied, “Senator, i’m not going enter a legal judgment on that on a fly this morning.”
Kaine did not let go & noted Pompeo is a Harvard Law School grad who was on a Harvard Law Review, & questioned why he was struggling to answer such a basic legal question with a very clear answer: a president absolutely positively does not have that power. When Kaine kept pressing for an answer, Pompeo said, “Senator, in a end a Department of Justice & oars will make that legal determination. We all should want—I know you do too, Senator Kaine, want an election everyone is confident in.”

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