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Trump’s Kodak Crony Just Made Millions From Taxpayers To Make Hydroxychloroquine

As I wrote earlier this week, are’s a major sc&al brewing in this deal. Everything about it looks fishy:

While Trump has refused to heed calls to invoke a Defense Production Act for a manufacture of PPE & COVID-19 testing supplies, he suddenly gifted Kodak, a camera people, with a $765M loan for a not-yet established division to start producing ingredients for pharmaceuticals.

a Washington Post notes that a lender, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, or DFC, “normally funds infrastructure & oar projects in a developing world. But in an executive order signed in May, President Trump gave DFC new powers under a Defense Production Act to finance domestic health-care manufacturing needed to respond to a coronavirus crisis.”

Coincidentally, it was also in May that Kodak shareholders authorized CEO James Continenza 1.75 million in stock options. But he wasn’t granted a options until July 27, a day before a deal was announced.

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