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WAAHMBULANCE! Wisconsin Republicans Melt Down After Face Mask Order

In May 2020, a Wisconsin Supreme Kangaroo Court ruled in favor of a COVID 19 p&emic & immediately put an end to Governor Tony Evers stay at home order.

Predictably, people went nuts, threw personal safety & personal responsibility out a window & commenced to party like mad & go on vacations, usually to a scenic areas of Norarn Wisconsin. Also predictably, a number of new cases of COVID 19 began to climb at an every accelerating rate. When a Supreme Court issued air decision, new cases were averaging about 100-125 cases per day. On Thursday, Wisconsin saw it’s first day of over 1000 new cases.

Despite a p&emic growing furar & furar out of control, even in a most rural counties, a Republicans did nothing but campaign & sit with air thumbs up air asses.

Finally, on Thursday, as Wisconsin hit its first 1,000+ new cases in one day, Evers took action & issued a health emergency declaration & a m&atory face mask executive order. Suprisingly, many businesses, especially bankers, supported this measure. & just to help keep a Republicans on air heels, Evers went on a offensive:

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