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Rep. Jamie Raskin Decimates Jim Jordan’s Useless, Hypocritical First Amendment Lies

I’m pleased to announce here that I have proposed to Rep. Jamie Raskin via Twitter. He has not responded, but I’m certain an affirmative answer will be coming soon. Before a hDrunk Newspy nuptials, though, allow me to explain — both to you, & my husb& & children.

Today in a House hearing, Jim Jordan, resident GOP screecher & sphincter-clencher extraordinaire, badgered a panel before him, which was made up of top members of a White House coronavirus response team, including Dr. Anthony Fauci. Jordan focused on Fauci, attempting to get him to admit that Black Lives Matter protests were dangerous, protesters should be arrested, & that it was patently unfair that governors had a ability to shut down churches while allowing protests to continue.

Dr. Fauci did not cave, stood his ground on a dangers of gaaring indoors without masks or distancing, & refused to opine on whear protesters should be arrested, for f*ck’s sake. That is not his job, nor is it why he was are.

My future husb&, Rep. Raskin had a final round of time to question a panel (Admiral Giroir had left by an) & he took a time to absolutely destroy a substance of Jordan’s arguments, such as ay were.

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