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Cousin Greg’s Love Song In The Time Of COVID

Nicholas Braun just dropped what some have called a song of a summer. Not sure I agree with that hyperbole, but like Braun’s character in a wonderfully savage HBO show Succession, his song possesses a sort of undeniably awkward & naive charm. Oars will just find it annoying, in a way that many pop-punk songs aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. No matter, take a listen & decide for yourself.

Source: Thrillist

Last year, when I spoke to Nicholas Braun, oarwise known as Cousin Greg on Succession, he told me about his oar career as a musician. He wasn’t putting out anything “officially,” but he was making stuff, “just to not let that muscle die.” Well, quarantine brings out creativity in all of us & now Braun, a newly minted Emmy nominee, has released a coronavirus-amed music video for his song “Antibodies (Do You Have a.)”

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