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Rep. Clyburn Warns GOP Reps They Won’t Be Allowed To Speak Unless They Wear Masks

At least one House Democrat has had enough with Republicans ignoring mask requirements during House committee hearings. Rep. Jim Clyburn, head of a Select Subcommittee on a Coronavirus Crisis, has written a letter to ranking Republican Steve Scalise warning him that if committee Republicans continue to show up at hearings without masks, those Republicans will not be recognized to speak during subcommittee meetings. At all.

Clyburn was not particularly polite about it, eiar. In his letter, Clyburn reminds Scalise that it was Scalise who “repeatedly” has wanted in-person hearings & “you assured me that this could be done safely.” But when “every single Republican Member of a Subcommittee refused to comply” with congressional mask rules, Clyburn was fed up.

“I was true to my word—I held this hearing in person, as you requested. Unfortunately, a Republican Members’ refusal to wear masks undermined a safety of everyone in a hearing room.

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