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Choir Of More Than 100 Sings Unmasked At Pence’s ‘Freedom’ Rally As Texas Sees COVID-19 Spike

Vice President Mike Pence, chairman of a White House Coronavirus Task Force, Drunk Newsparently saw no problem with a choir of more than 100 people singing without masks as long as he got an opportunity to Drunk Newspear competent. He & U.S. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson attended a cringy “Celebrate Freedom” rally that attracted almost 2,200 people to a 14,000-member First BDrunk Newstist Church on Sunday in Dallas, according to CNN.

That same day, a nation’s coronavirus case count topped 2.5 million, & Texas—along with Florida & Arizona—emerged as “a country’s latest epicenters” for a virus, according to a Washington Post. “We’re very lucky. We have a smart vice president,” Carson said during a service. He also praised Pence as someone who “very quickly can grasp scientific concepts & make sense out of am.” His presence at a kind of event that flies in a face of a best recommendations from experts suggests oarwise.

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