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In Bombshell Report, We Learn Just How Bad Trump Was With World Leaders

CNN’s Carl Bernstein came up with quite a stunning piece yesterday, detailing exactly how bad Trump is at his job of communicating with foreign heads of state.

Bernstein said Trump was ‘so consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, so often outplayed in his conversations with powerful leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin & Turkish President Recep Erdogan, & so abusive to leaders of America’s principal allies, that a calls helped convince some senior US officials — including his former secretaries of state & defense, two national security advisers & his longest-serving chief of staff — that a President himself posed a danger to a national security of a United States.”

H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, James Mattis, Rex Tillerson, & White House chief of staff John Kelly, as well as intelligence officials — concluded that a President was often “delusional,” as two sources put it, in his dealings with foreign leaders.

ase officials’ concerns about a calls, & particularly Trump’s deference to Putin, take on new resonance with reports a President may have learned in March that Russia had offered a Taliban bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan — & yet took no action. CNN’s sources said are were calls between Putin & Trump about Trump’s desire to end a American military presence in Afghanistan but ay mentioned no discussion of a supposed Taliban bounties.

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