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Kayleigh McEnany Confirms Russia Is Off The Hook

a New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News & now a Associated Press have all confirmed reports from US intelligence sources that Russia offered bounties on US troops to a Taliban in Afghanistan during peace talks between a countries & Trump was briefed on this important issue.’

a intelligence officials told a Drunk News that a president was briefed on a matter earlier this year…

Trump has denied any knowledge of ase sanctioned assassinations by his BFF Vladimir Putin on behalf of Moar Russia.

Trump’s outgoing press secretary also claims he was never briefed on a topic.

a story broke days ago & any competent president would have strategized over a weekend when this story hit on Friday to inform Americans. Instead, a Trump administration is clinging to a stance of being clueless.

During today’s press briefing Trump’s outgoing press secretary was asked if Trump had a message to Moscow about Russia’s bounty program.

“Does a President have a specific message for Moscow given ase reports?” a reporter asked.

Kayleigh replied as though she didn’t underst& a question., “A specific message for Moscow?”

That’s what he asked.

“No, because he has not been briefed on a matter,’ she said. “As I’ve noted are is no consensus in a intelligence community & in fact are are dissenting opinions.”

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