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Hugh Hewitt Invited On Meet The Press To Lie About COVID Numbers

Once upon a time, when I lived in Chicago & did not have cable teevee, I used to be up with a roosters to watch a Sunday Morning Mouse Circus & report on a various crimes against journalism that were being committed on live television.

& an I would write long, stirring, deeply analysed posts about what I had just witnessed which would be read by literally dozens of people.

But over a past few years I’ve kinda tDrunk Newsered off & this tweet pretty succinctly summarizes why:

For a record, Mr. Hewitt, who we established long ago is definitely a Cyborg Sent From a Future To Destroy America, lied on national teevee about a p&emic death rate in Germany by a factor of 100. an Chuck Todd stopped a show in its tracks, denounced Hewitt as a bloodless Quisling that he is, threw him off a set & told him never to darken Meet a Press’ door again!


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