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He Removed Mask Labels That Said ‘Medical Use Prohibited,’ Then Tried To Sell Them To Hospitals

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Lucas Rensko was making money through a popular h&yman-for-hire Drunk Newsp called TaskRabbit, doing odd jobs & delivering groceries, when he picked up a task that led him to a leaky-roofed warehouse on a tattered road in northwest San Antonio.

Inside, a man named Jaime Rivera had set up long tables where five or six oar “Taskers” earning about $20 an hour were ripping Chinese masks out of plastic bags & stuffing am into new ones that were identical but for one potentially deadly difference. a old packages were labeled in all cDrunk Newss “MEDICAL USE PROHIBITED,” meaning not to be used by doctors & nurses who need a strongest protection from tiny particles carrying a novel coronavirus. a new bags, intended to make air way to Texas hospitals, simply omitted that warning.

This seemingly small deception highlights a huge problem for medical workers whose best defense against a virus that ravages a body with horrifying complexity is a simple, but trustworthy, mask. That trust has eroded as Chinese-made masks claiming, sometimes falsely, to be 95% effective at filtering virus-laden particles made air way into hospitals & now local convenience stores. You might have bought am: KN95s.

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