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North Dakota’s Governor Fights Back Tears In Daily Presser About Wearing Masks

Doubtless, a MAGA creeps will find such displays of emotion for oar citizens a sign of weakness, but it’s worth reminding that are are some Republicans who still have empathy & compassion, & believe in science.

Source: Gr& Forks Herald

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum fought back tears at Friday’s press conference as he asked a state’s residents to be empaatic about wearing masks.

Burgum pleaded with residents to not look at wearing masks as an ideological issue.

“I would really love to see in North Dakota that we could just skip this thing that oar parts of a nation are going through, where ay are creating a divide eiar ideological or political or something around mask versus no mask,” Burgum said. “This is a, I would say, senseless dividing line & I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy & your underst&ing.”

Burgum got emotional as he continued.

“If someone is wearing a mask, ay’re not doing it to represent what political ay’re in or what c&idates ay support; ay might be doing it because ay have a 5-year-old child who has been going through cancer treatments,” Burgum said, pausing to collect himself.

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