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Jeff Sessions Hits Back At Trump On Twitter

Jeff Sessions pushed back against Trump last night, after Trump once again voiced his support for Sessions’ primary opponent, Tommy Tuberville. Trump called Sessions disloyal, & said that he “let our country down.” A couple of weeks ago Sessions was still trying to kiss up to Trump, or at least his supporters, saying his recusal from Russia probe was an attempt to help Trump. Trump ain’t buying that, & Alabama Republicans probably won’t eiar.

Source: NBC News

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood up to his old boss Friday after President Donald Trump encouraged Alabama voters to reject Sessions in his bid to return to a U.S. Senate.

Trump on Friday afternoon once again tweeted his endorsement for Sessions’ rival, college football coach Tommy Tuberville, in a primary contest for a seat Sessions held before joining Trump’s Cabinet.

Trump tweeted, “Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions.”

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