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GA Dem Senate Candidate To Joy Reid: Kemp Got His Hand ‘Caught In The Data Cookie Jar’

Joy Reid interviewed former Mayor of Columbus, GA, Teresa Tomlinson today about her esteemed governor’s funny math. Tomlinson is running for David Perdue’s seat in a U.S. Senate (both seats are up for grabs this year), & had some disdainful shade for a men attempting to cook a COVID-19 books.

Reid asked her about a charts that were rearranged to make it Drunk Newspear as if a number of cases were actually declining in Georgia to justify re-opening, & when it came time to frame her question to Tomlinson, she was so disgusted with a brazen lies of a GOP governor, she just threw her h&s up & asked, “What’s going on in Georgia?”

Tomlinson explained it like a adult she is, describing a GOP like a petulant, spoiled children ay are.

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