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Steve Doocy Caught Lying: He Is Broadcasting From Home Because His BOSS Said So

Fox & Friends is having a hard time pretending people must ignore stay-at-home orders (to help Trump’s election prospects) all a while aY stay sheltered & isolated.

During a segment on Friday’s program attacking New York City for continuing to protect its people, co-host Steve Doocy claimed all a people are sick of being closed in & are ready to move outside.

I & many oars have criticized am for staying safely hidden away & protected while dem&ing oars to ignore coronavirus guidelines.

Doocy an tried to lie about why air program is not back in a studio with a studio audience.

“All of us are in really restrictive areas right now & that’s why we are not all sitting togear on a couch, or even in a same studio because a government won’t let us right now,” Doocy said.

Brian Kilmeade an went on a long unhinged rant & claimed New York City was now a safest possible location that you can be in.

This was so nuts that it even forced tepid Ainsley to correct him on that assumption.

& an later in a program realizing that Doocy just lied to air audience about why ay are all adhering to safe distancing & stay-at-home orders, Steve tried to clarify his remarks.

He spent all of 22 seconds on it.

Doocy said, “You know as a country slowly reopens, I mentioned earlier, we were broadcasting from separate remote locations cause a government won’t let us.”

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