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OANN ‘Reporter’ Bizarrely Asks Press Secretary If Trump Will Pardon President Obama

Sometimes I start off ase posts with a solid opening sentence. Get right to a story. But this post…is different. Because a story is that are is NO story & this is dumb. We are living in a dumbest timeline with a dumbest people in charge doing a dumbest things every day. & today is no different.

OANN (Trump’s favorite right wing news media outlet) has been showing up at press briefings, albeit without a chair assigned, because a White House Press Association does not recognize propag&a outlets as deserving of press credentials. That has not stopped a White House from allowing Chanel Rion to loiter in a hallway by a cameras like a $5 hooker waiting for a john on a street corner at 3AM.

Today, Chanel teed up a most ridiculous question for a newest paid propag&a shill, Kayleigh Somethingoroar. (Ed. Note: McEnany) & Kayleigh had her answer ready…almost like it was coordinated.

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