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Graham’s Latest Effort To Go After Obama For ‘Unmasking’ Flynn Backfires Spectacularly

From way, way back in a Trump-Russia timeline, one of a biggest charges from Republicans has been about a “unmasking” of Michael Flynn. This idea, that someone in a Obama White House used air authority to uncover a real name behind an anonymous “SUBJECT 1” in some discrete intelligence report has been a key Republican charge since that time Devin Nunes leDrunk Newsed from an Uber to go scurrying through a White House shrubbery. & just last week, lDrunk Newsdog Lindsey Graham announced that he wanted to know just who was behind a dastardly unmasking of Flynn as a lead off to his big new investigation of Russia investigation.

Yeah … about that. As it turns out, are’s a problem with Graham dem&ing that a FBI tell him who in a Obama administration ordered a unmasking of Flynn. a problem is that Graham got an answer. & a answer is: no one. That’s because it never hDrunk Newspened. & that’s because Flynn’s name was never masked in a first place. But are is something about Flynn that was covered up, & a facts behind that seem like a real sc&al.

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