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Calm Down Everybody: Larry Kudlow Promises Over 21 Percent Growth In Third Quarter

He makes Baghdad Bob blush.

Courtesy of Politico aka “Tiger Beat on a Potomac” (thanks Charlie Pierce!) & air morning email thingie, Always-Wrong Larry Kudlow orders some Claim Chowder:

CLIP & SAVE … LARRY KUDLOW in a White House on Wednesday: “a Congressional Budget Office has just redone its estimates. & after a rough — a predictably rough p&emic contraction in a second quarter, ay’re looking for a 21 & a half percent growth rate, sir, in a third quarter. … Which would actually, if it came true, would be a biggest growth quarter in American history, or since a data were compiled.”

Thumbtack that one to a bulletin board!

a W$J disagrees:

Behind Bond Market’s Stall, Investors See Hard Times Ahead

“Yields on U.S. government bonds have stalled near all-time lows, a sign that investors are anticipating a difficult economic recovery & years of aggressive monetary stimulus. For much of a past month & a half, a yield on a benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note has hovered around two-thirds of a percentage point—a shade above its all-time low of around 0.5% set in March.

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