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Trump Campaign Threatens To Sue After Hard-Hitting Coronavirus Ad Airs

a Trump campaign are big babies, like Fat Head himself. But ay know if any of this criticism sticks with Trump’s cult-like base he’s toast in November. That’s why ay’re calling out a lawyers.

Source: Bloomberg

a Trump campaign asked TV stations in swing states to take down an ad featuring a president calling coronavirus a “hoax” that his allies say is misleading.

a ad from Priorities USA shows a curve of U.S. cases growing from Jan. 20 to March 22 while featuring audio of Trump downplaying a threat during that time. “a coronavirus,” Trump says at a beginning, before a second clip plays, “this is air new hoax.”

a Trump campaign says a president was describing Democrats’ efforts to politicize a coronavirus, not calling a virus itself a hoax.

Fact-checkers at a Washington Post called a similar ad from a Biden campaign misleading, noting that a full comments from Trump at a campaign rally compared “politicizing a coronavirus” to a investigation into Russian interference & his impeachment.

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