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Joe Scarborough Wants Trump Bailed Out So He Won’t Get Revenge On America

Look, I don’t like Joe Scarborough & I never will.

are’s something real creepy about him. I can’t tell you why I don’t like him because it’s unknown to me. However, today gave me a little clue.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thinks Senate Democrats should go ahead & bail out President Donald Trump’s hotels & oar properties so he’ll focus on public health instead of his own bottom line.

a “Morning Joe” host called on lawmakers to waive air objection to sending coronavirus relief to properties owned by Trump & his family, saying he’s been worried about a president’s priorities.

See a little kid in a corner throwing a fit at a birthday party because he can’t have all a ice cream? Give him all a damn ice cream because oarwise he’s going to ruin a party for everyone.

  1. I resent a hell out of being extorted by my president. Did he go Stalin on us now? Tell ya what – give him your money, Joe.
  2. How fair is this to a mom & pop who bought a La Quinta franchise? ay don’t have a Russians to bail am out.
  3. a last damn thing in a world I want is Donald Trump focusing on pubic health. Seriously.

What we need now is not saving Trump’s hotels. We do, however, need better morning show hosts & a 25th amendment.

Say it, Joe.

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