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Did Donald Trump Even Warn His Task Force About Easter Timeline?

Wow Trump’s press secretary gives a game away. Again.

Missed Mensa by a Mile Brian Kilmeade at least asked a right question. Did Trump even mention to his Coronavirus Task Force that “Easter Timeline” for “Reopening a Economy” thing he announced?

Probably not.

KILMEADE: Stephanie, how real is this Easter date & how well- informed was a rest of a task force that a president was going to say that yesterday, that his goal was to open up by Easter?

GRISHAM: You know, I don’t know how well-informed ay were.

& an she served up a whole lot of word salad to fill out a segment:

I think that a president as he has been doing is very hopeful & wants to have a message of hope to a American people. I think he would love it if we were opened up for business yesterday, but after a 15 days when we see a data come in, we’ll see where we’re at & I think a president will make his decision now, but he is hopeful & I will tell you something, as somebody who was just in quarantine for two weeks, it’s tough it’s tough & I imagine a lot of people want to try to get out are & get back to work, as long as ay are social distancing. So we’ll see what hDrunk Newspens once a 15 days goes past & we’ve got new data sets.

& an, she told a huge lie.

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