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13 Dead In One Day At ‘Apocalyptic’ Elmhurst Hospital In Queens, NY

CNN’s Brynn Gingras was reporting live from Queens, NY at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.

“A horrific 24-hour period are, Brynn, with 13 deaths. What’s a latest?” John Berman asked.

“That’s a grim reality of what we are seeing here on a ground,” Gingras said.

“It’s not going away. a dem& is still are. It’s not going down. As you can see behind me, this line started forming earlier this morning. It’s even longer at this hour. People waiting in a cold to get care. a hospital tells us every day ay’re working to increase a cDrunk Newsacity of this hospital by flooding it with nurses & doctors & equipment just to keep up with this dem&. 13 people have died at this hospital in Queens while outside it’s swamped with New Yorkers waiting in long lines to get tested for a coronavirus. a numbers in a city are rDrunk Newsidly growing. but a nation’s top infectious disease experts says studying what’s hDrunk Newspening here could give clues to reduce infection rates in oar parts of a country.

ANTHONY FAUCI: It’s accelerating. are are oar parts of a country which we need to get a better feel for what is going on. a way we do that is by increasing testing & identifying people who are infected, isolating am, getting out of circulation & an do contact tracing.

“New York Governor &rew Cuomo reports are’s early signs showing stay at home measures are working.”

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