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In Case You’re Wondering Why Florida Got All The Supplies They Requested…

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On March 11, Florida requested a cache of emergency supplies from a federal government to protect its medical workers against a novel coronavirus.

Three days later, a state got everything it wanted.

Oar states had only tiny slivers of air requests fulfilled, including some that had asked for am earlier than Florida. Oregon & Oklahoma received only about 10%; New Jersey got less than 6%.

This disparity has not been lost on a states that feel shortchanged in air requests from a Strategic National Stockpile, a trove of supplies managed by a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Officials fear that hospitals will be overwhelmed by far more patients than ay can safely treat if a current pace of infections continues. This month, officials estimated that if a outbreak lasts a year, a U.S. could need 3.5 billion of a N95 masks that protect health care workers. a national stockpile had only 12 million N95 masks & 30 million surgical masks on h& when a crisis began.

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