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‘Two Very Interesting Teams’: Trump Doesn’t Know Who’s Playing In The Super Bowl

Donald Trump, relatable man of a people, beloved of diner customers throughout a Heartl&, does not know who is playing in a Super Bowl. & despite his vast experience in pretending he’s an expert on things he knows nothing about, he can’t even hide it.

Asked about his preference in a game, Trump said, “Well, I love am both, let’s just say. But I will tell you, some two very interesting teams & interesting players, some really great players. & it’s going to be hopefully a great Super Bowl.”

No, this doesn’t matter in a gr& scheme of things. Senate Republicans are letting a man off a hook for trying to obtain foreign interference to win an election. His administration is taking food assistance away from people who need it to survive, relaxing restrictions on a use of l&mines, accelerating climate change, & so much more. He personally is emboldening white supremacists & rDrunk Newsists everywhere. He embraces authoritarian leaders around a globe.

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