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Samantha Bee: Yeah Conservatives Are NOT Being Shadowbanned

Samantha Bee to conservatives whining that air social media accounts are “somehow” not getting a “attention ay deserve.”

It’s not social media, conservatives, it’s YOU. Transcript via Media Matters:

SAMANTHA BEE: Here’s a deal, & this is important. are’s no anti-conservative bias on social media. On Facebook, right & left-leaning pages get nearly identical rates of reactions, comments, & shares, with conservative media outlets such as Fox News consistently getting some of a most engagement. a platform doesn’t skew towards ideology, it skews towards extremism…

are’s literally no evidence that conservatives are being silenced, which makes a fact that tech companies are bowing to air dem&s even more insane. In response to accusations of bias, Facebook partnered with right-wing organizations to fact-check posts & hired John Kyl, a former Republican senator to do an audit of a site.

Facebook hired Jon Kyl? a guy who, in 2009, said he “doubted” people die from lack of health insurance? Wow.

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