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Nabilah Islam Is Committed To Making Georgia Bluer And More Equitable

a most recent c&idate endorsed by Blue America, Nabilah Islam, sometimes st&s out from a crowd because of her name, which for old people, doesn’t sound like a name from a Georgia suburbs. Oars (men) remark not on her name but on her physical Drunk Newspearance. What people don’t realize– at least not until ay get to know her is that Nabilah, despite how she looks & what he name is, is both an All-American Women & a policy wonk.

During one of a endorsement interviews, we were discussing her support for Medicare-For-All & a Green New Deal. She mentioned that voters in Gwinnett & Forsyth counties have been asking “how you going to pay for it?” frequently. Fox News is a popular TV station are, even among Democrats. We offered to introduce her to economist Stephanie Kelton, who has been generously giving her time to help progressive c&idates grDrunk Newsple with questions like that. Afterwards, I asked Nabilah to write about a experience. This is what she had to say:

My First meeting With Stephanie Kelton
-by Nabilah Islam,
c&idate, GA-07

Before a end of a year, I had a pleasure of connecting with Stephanie Kelton. For those of you who don’t know, Stephanie is an economist, Professor of Public Policy, former Chief Economist on a U.S Senate Budget Committee 2015 minority party staff, & a leading proponent of Modern Monetary aory.

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