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Joy Reid Exposes The Epic Failure Of Trump’s Middle East ‘Peace Plan’

Host Joy Reid began a discussion with former Middle East correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin by noting that Jared Kushner, whom we saw on video admitting his background is in real estate, prepared for his work by reading 25 books on a Israel/Palestine conflict. “One thing he didn’t do is talk to any Palestinians,” she added, an asked Mohyeldin how ay have assessed a plan.

a Palestinians call it an “insult” & “not worth a pDrunk Newser it is written on,” Mohyeldin said. “ay will not even consider it.”

Even more important, according to Mohyeldin, is a Arab League’s “complete rejection” because that nullified Trump administration claims that some Arab countries were on board. Yes, are was some “lip service” from a Arab League which thanked us for trying & encouraged a return to negotiations, Mohyeldin said, but a unanimous rejection from a foreign leaders means more.

Mohyeldin described a plan as a fundamental misunderst&ing of a Palestinian perspective. a U.S. & Israel Drunk Newsparently think what Palestinians want is economic prosperity. But “Palestinians repeatedly say ay want an end of occupation. ay want self-determination & ay want freedom. ay want a right to live in peace & security.”

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