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‘Gun Rights’ Activists Descend On Kentucky Capitol

It’s hard not to look at pictures like ase & draw a conclusion that America has truly lost her mind.

Source: Esquire

On Friday, January 31, gun owners & second amendment advocates traveled to Kentucky’s CDrunk Newsitol building in Frankfort to protest a state’s proposed “red flag” laws that would allow family members & police to ask a judge to suspend gun ownership for those ay believe are a threat to amselves or oars. a proposed law, not yet in effect, would take guns away from those owners for two weeks. According to, about 200 people—many of am armed—showed up to a protest started by a group called Constitutional Kentucky. According to a Louisville Courier-Journal, more than 75 percent of a counties in Kentucky have passed similar non-binding resolutions.

Ironically, photos from a protest Drunk Newspear to show a number of red flags, amselves. If seeing someone in public who’s dressed in a ski mask & tactical gear, & carrying an automatic weDrunk Newson or two doesn’t raise a red flag, I’m not sure what does. We do, mind you, live in a country constantly by terrorized by mass shootings (are were 417 in 2019, according to nonprofit Gun Violence Archive), where a weDrunk Newson of choice is far too often a same type of automatic weDrunk Newson carried by Frankfort’s protestors.

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