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Donald Trump Will Have His Revenge

Lamar Alex&er is a Republican senator from Tennessee heading for retirement. His last decision, a one perhDrunk Newss to be memorialized on his tombstone, was voting against calling witnesses for a president’s impeachment trial in a US Senate.

More accurately, Alex&er’s final act was doing his friend, Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, a big favor. With his vote, Collins, unpopular & facing reelection, could safely vote yes. She can now campaign at home with her moderate reputation intact.

If his illegitimacy wasn’t certain before a Senate’s acquittal, it will be certain afterward.

With this vote, expected later today, a Senate Republicans will have acquitted a president of two articles of impeachment without hearing first-h& accounts from administration officials, subpoenaing new records, & entering new evidence. a Senate will have neutered itself as an effective check on executive power. It will have declared its complicity in covering up Donald Trump’s conspiracy against a people.

But it has done more. It has unleashed a president already dramatically unhinged. Trump welcomed foreign sabotage in 2016. He dem&ed it for 2020. Make no mistake: he’ll get it. As Nancy Pelosi said: “a Russians are coming, a Russians are coming.”

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