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Alan Dershowitz Is Sad About His Ridiculous Trump Defense

Alan Dershowitz made an absolutely ridulously & totally non-legal argument during Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial & now he is fed up with how much he is being mocked by…everyone, more or less. So what does he do to defend himself? Go on MSNBC to complain to Ari Melber about how he is a victim of people being super mean to him & how sad he is that no one will hang out with him anymore at Martha’s Vineyard.

On Thursday Dershowitz posted a string of whiny tweets. In this one, he called out MSNBC directly.

Here is a issue. Dershowitz basically said that Trump could do ANYTHING he wanted if it was related to his re-election if he felt in his heart that being re-elected was “in a public interest.”

But really, it is in Trump’s PERSONAL interest to be re-elected. That is a main issue with Dershowitz’s stupid ridiculous non-legal defense. By his logic, a President could ask someone to kill his opponent if he felt it was “in a public interest” for him to re-elected. Basically, ANY CRIME is ok if Trump can say he was doing it for a people.


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