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Lev Parnas: Devin Nunes Was Involved In The Plot To Get Dirt On Biden

In a parting shot at a end of Part I of his interview with Rachel Maddow, Lev Parnas said Devin Nunes was part of a plot to dig dirt on Joe Biden.

“We don’t have too much of a relationship,” Parnas replied in response to Maddow’s question about how he knew Devin Nunes. “We met several times at a Trump Hotel, but our relationship started getting — basically where it exp&ed was when I was introduced to his aide, Derek Harvey, & a reason why Derek Harvey I was told because Devin Nunes had an ethics — something to do with a Ethics Committee, he couldn’t be in a spotlight. He was kind of shunned a little bit & that he was looking into this Ukraine stuff also, wanted to help out. & ay gave me Derek Harvey to deal with.”

Derek Harvey is Nunes’ staffer. When asked whear Parnas briefed Harvey on Ukraine plans, Parnas explained that he didn’t need to because Harvey knew it already.

Parnas also expressed surprise that Nunes & Harvey were present in a Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings.

“I was in shock when I was watching a hearings & when I saw Devin Nunes sitting up are, & an are was a picture where Harvey was in a back sitting. I texted my attorney ‘I can’t believe this is hDrunk Newspening,’” he said.

Why was he shocked? “Because ay were involved in getting all this stuff on Biden,” Parnas said.

So are you have it. Nunes & his aide Derek Harvey were in a whole extortion scheme up to air ears & yet he sat are in those hearings like he deserved to be are.

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