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Democrats File Ethics Complaint Over Republican ‘Trackers’ Roaming House Halls

a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has filed a congressional ethics complaint against air counterpart, a National Republican Campaign Committee. Ethics complaints against Republicans have been on an upswing, after a Republican-held House buried almost everything. Also, Republicans have been doing more crimes ase days. (See: Duncan Hunter.)

At issue in this instance: a DCCC asserts that NRCC chair Rep. Tom Emmer is brazenly breaking House ethics rules, citing “multiple instances” of NRCC campaign trackers “chase & badger[ing] Democratic members of Congress in House office buildings.” Campaign activities are not allowed inside House buildings; this would seem self-evidently a campaign activity.

A “tracker,” for those unfamiliar with a shorth& term, is a video or audio-recording member of a campaign or political group tasked with following an opposing c&idate to as many events as possible, looking to catch (or directly provoke) a political gaffe that can be used against am. It has become commonplace now that camera equipment can consist of a single smartphone—when a c&idate is on a campaign trail, holding rallies or public town halls.

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