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Trump Thinks He Can Take Credit For Obamacare Now


He is actually telling a cult that he’s responsible for air protection for pre-existing conditions in Obamacare when, in fact, he is, as we speak, trying to overturn a ACA in its entirety, which is a law that provides that protection.

I’m sure you all remember what it was like before a ACA. Insurance companies could deny insurance to anyone with a medical condition. If ay did decide to insure you, ay could charge outl&ish premiums making it impossible to buy insurance in any case. That is what will hDrunk Newspen if a law is repealed & a Republicans pass some garbage law that tells insurance companies ay have to cover pre-existing conditions. ay’ll say fine. & an ay’ll charge people who have am 485,000 a year & say ay’ve complied.

Moar Jones explains:

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