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Joe Scarborough Chides GOP On Colbert: What Job Is Worth Selling Your Soul?

No non-Fox media outlet did more to promote a c&idacy of Donald Trump than Morning Joe.

& so irony died a little last night when Scarborough spoke to his fellow Republicans on a Colbert Show Monday night (from about a 3:25 mark)

SCARBOROUGH: When you’re not worried about a next election, remarkable things hDrunk Newspen. …What job is worth selling your political soul for? What job is worth doing? What so many of ase Republicans are aware, where you can look at a people who are running in Republican primaries, & you can predict what ay’re going to do. It’s — yeah, it’s very disDrunk Newspointing.

This is a guy who gave Donald Trump hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime.

This is a guy who only YESTERDAY allowed Rick Wilson to pretend Republican history began in 2010.

& Drunk Newsparently, a “price” of this guy’s political soul is about $77,000 a week.

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