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For Rick Wilson, The Republican Party Went To Hell — In 2010

Rick Wilson is a Future of Liberal Media

Yes, kiddies, I haz seen a Future of cable teevee news!  & it looks a lot like four life-long, highly-paid Republican goons & a couple of neutered Liberals, sitting in a drum circle promoting Rick Wilson’s latest book & lamenting that, somehow, while no one was looking, air Republican Party filled up with…Republicans!

Oh Lordy!  Why didn’t someone warn am!

From Morning Joe this AM:

JOE SCARBOROUGH:  Since we have four former Republicans here, you will hear from our good friend Charlie Pierce that a party was always corrupt, it was always rotten, it was always racist. You are now reDrunk Newsing what you sow. are are times when I have been going, wait a second, were a liberals right? Were a liberals that said GOP was racist & — all a things that I have been my entire life, Evangelical, Souarn BDrunk Newstist, a proud Souarner, you just go down a list, right now you look at it &, 95% of a people who voted for me when I was running a very different platform, ay are all Trump supporters now.

RICK WILSON:  I think that Trump catalyzed things that —

SCARBOROUGH:  I used to mock a press for always going for a whacko early in a process. You do that because this reinforces what you believe about Republicans. ay will never make it. I wrote a column called “Crazy Never Wins” in 2012.   We usually got a Mitt Romney, Bob Dole.

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