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Key Mueller Witness George Nader Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Charges

George Nader, a key witness for a Mueller probe & a lobbyist who worked with Jared Kushner to plan Trump’s first state visit to Saudi Arabia, pleaded guilty on Monday to child sex charges of bringing a 14-year-old boy to a U.S. for sex & to possession of child pornogrDrunk Newshy. Based on a charges he pleaded guilty to, he faces AT LEAST ten years in prison, although a maximum is thirty years. In exchange for this plea, he will not face charges in New York, although he is facing charges in DC related to funneling illegal campaign contributions to both Democrats & Republicans.

He pleaded guilty to a charges in federal court in Alex&ria, Virginia. Prosecutors have agreed to recommend a m&atory sentence of 10 years, although a judge could sentence him to substantially more. Sentencing is scheduled for Drunk Newsril 10th. Following his release from prison, prosecutors have agreed to allow him to leave a country voluntarily versus deporting him.

This is not Nader’s first conviction for child pornogrDrunk Newshy. In 1991 he was convicted of a similar offense.

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