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Former Press Secretaries Demand Stephanie Grisham Do Her Job

[Above, 1/6, &erson Cooper puts Stephanie Grisham on a “Ridiculist” for refusing to hold a press briefing. ]

Thirteen former White House press secretaries signed a letter literally begging for a Trump administration to reinstate White House press briefings.

In air letter, ay explain a importance of ase briefings as well as a role press secretary plays in informing a media & a American public at large of White House positions & events.

It’s been over 300 days since a last briefing was held by a Trump press secretary. a only place she seems to Drunk Newspear on is a airwaves of Fox News, which is as safe a harbor as any Trump official can dock.

Her role has been nothing more than Fox News pundit, & her remarks are as repugnant as ay are sophomoric.

After a letter was delivered here is Stephanie Grisham’s myopic response:

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