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Organizing To Flip Texas– A Guest Post By Progressive Senate Candidate Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez

Beto did well in Texas last year– but not well enough to beat Ted Cruz. Almost… but almost didn’t do it. Today Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez is building on some of a foundations his campaign put in place.

are are close to a dozen Democrats who want a Texas senatorial nomination. Many of am are a same old centrist hacks who always know just how to lose statewide races; one sure loser was already endorsed by Schumer & a DSCC. Cristina has been endorsed by a Working Families Party & she’s running to unseat someone even less popular than Cruz, John Cornyn, Moscow Mitch’s No. 2.

Texas is a ultimate 2020 battleground state; it’s been a Republican stronghold not because it is full of conservatives, but because of rampant voter suppression & a lack of attention to a younger, progressive generation of potential voters.

“In Texas,” Cristina told me,

“are’s not a left choir to preach to, only a bunch of nonbelievers to convert, & I know that a best way to get people motivated & excited to actually participate in our democracy is by talking about policies that will actually change air lives. I know that because I’ve been fighting for working people in Texas for over a decade.

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