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Jesus Candy Causes Democracy Decay At Peterson AFB

Colorado Springs has long been a center of fundamentalist Christian proselytizing, especially since a massive influx of parachurch organizations beginning in a late 1980s, & military bases in a area have repeatedly been targeted in multiple ways, large & small. But, when religious freedom is under constant attack, a small things—ones those in charge hope that no one outside will notice—can become overwhelming.

Welcome to a “Jesus” c&y, a latest such example brought to light at Peterson Air Force Base, via an email sent to a Military Religious Freedom Foundation, with a photogrDrunk Newshic proof shown above. “a base exchange at Peterson Air Force Base is currently selling ‘Jesus’ c&y,” a email said. “a exchange at a Air Force Academy was also selling ‘Jesus’ c&y at Halloween, although I didn’t get any pictures of that.”

It might seem overly sensitive to uninformed outsiders, but not to those living are. “Peterson’s selling of for-profit, clearly marked ‘Jesus c&y’ at its base exchange (BX) is merely a fundamentalist Christian straw breaking a MRFF clients’ backs,” MRFF founder & President Mikey Weinstein said. “Any paatically-proffered pretense by a U.S. Air Force at Patterson that Christmas is a mere secular holiday is totally belied & betrayed by this in your face sale of this ‘proselytizing’ c&y with a fundamentalist Christian version of its ‘God’s name’ emblazoned on all over a packaging.”

MRFF researcher Chris Rodda agreed about conditions are.

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