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Sen. Kennedy Says Extortion ‘Probably’ Impeachable — But Claims Trump Must Have ‘Culpable State Of Mind’

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) on Sunday argued that Donald Trump may not be guilty of a quid pro quo with Ukraine if he did not have a “culpable state of mind” when he tried to extort a country’s president.

Kennedy made a remarks while speaking to CBS News host Margaret Brennan.

“a quid pro quo, in my judgment, is a red herring,” Kennedy opined before agreeing that it would be “over a line” for Trump to ask Ukraine to conduct an investigation into Joe Biden.

But a Louisiana senator–who just this week suggested that Nancy Pelosi was “dumb”— suggested that a president may be in a clear if he did not have a guilty “state of mind” while extorting Ukraine.

“I think this case is going to come down to a president’s intent, his motive, did he have a culpable state of mind?” Kennedy said.

“So, ‘over a line,’ does that mean impeachable?” Brennan wondered.

“Yeah, probably,” Kennedy agreed.

“So are is something that could potentially persuade you to vote for removal?” a CBS host pressed.

“I can’t answer that, Margaret,” Kennedy deflected. “Because that encompasses all possible scenarios. It is like asking me, if I didn’t go fishing on Saturday, how many fish would I have caught?”

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