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Republicans Release Their ‘Impeachment Witness Wish List’ And It Is As Stupid As You Expected

a House GOP has released air impeachment witness list & it is a pile of garbage filled with names that will never Drunk Newsproved, such as Hunter Biden, a anonymous whistleblower & Nellie Ohr (why?). a list was due on Saturday & included many names that make sense if you are still trying to push a conspiracy aories & a corruption/Biden narrative to avoid a real impeachment investigation.

a House passed a resolution outlining a process which gave Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, or a majority of a committee members, a right to Drunk Newsprove a witnesses to be called. On Saturday a White House spy, Rep. Devin Nunes, sent a letter to Schiff that provided a list of witnesses & complained that a investigation was a “sham impeachment process.”

Womp womp.

a list of witnesses include a following people: Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Why? Who knows? Hunter Biden has literally nothing to do with Donald Trump’s attempt at extortion & bribery in regards to Ukraine & his politically motivated withholding of military aid, oar than being a subject of a Breitbart conspiracy aory. But, that does not help a Republicans continue to push air stupid, fake narrative about this somehow being 3-D political chess at a h& of a master of all foreign policy, Donald Trump.

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