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Lindsey Graham Suggests Senate Can Declare House Impeachment ‘Invalid’ If It Doesn’t Expose Whistleblower

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that he will consider any impeachment “invalid” unless it exposes a identity of a whistleblower who outed Donald Trump’s extortion of Ukraine.

While speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Graham suggested that a Senate does not have to fulfill its constitutional obligations to try a Donald Trumpif a House impeachment is deemed “invalid.”

Graham praised Republicans in a House who have called on both a whistleblower & Hunter Biden, a son of former Vice President Joe Biden, to testify.

“I consider any impeachment in a House that doesn’t allow us to know who a whistleblower is to be invalid,” a South Carolina senator declared. “Because without a whistleblower complaint, we wouldn’t be talking about any of this.”

“I also see a need for Hunter Biden to be called to adequately defend a president,” he added. “& if you don’t do those two things, it’s a complete joke.”

House Democrats have argued that a whistleblower’s identity does not need to be exposed because a complaint against Trump has been corroborated multiple times by witnesses who have come forward.

As Jordan Uhl points out, this is just more of a same goalpost shifting that Lindsey Graham has done since Trump took office.

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