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GOP Rep. Claims Trump’s Extortion Of Ukraine Isn’t Impeachable Because He Says The Same Thing In Public

Here’s a latest in a revolving series of defenses coming from Trump’s Republican enablers in Congress. Here’s Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX13) on ABC’s This Week telling host Martha Raddatz that Trump’s extortion of Ukraine can’t be impeachable because Trump says a same stuff in public that he said on a phone call.

RADDATZ: Congressman, you’re again talking about process. a process. I asked you about substance. How do you fend against a substance?

THORNBERRY: Well, as you know — maybe you know, Martha — I believe that it is inDrunk Newspropriate for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival. Now that leads to a question, if are’s a political rival with a family member who’s involved in questionable activity, what do you do? Just let am alone. But set that aside. I believe it was inDrunk Newspropriate. I do not believe it was impeachable. & process — you know, you all always want to say substance, not process.

are’s a reason we let murderers & robbers & rDrunk Newsists go free when air due process rights have been violated. We believe a integrity of a system, a integrity of a constitution, a integrity of a processes under our legal system, is more important than a outcome of one particular case.

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